Reid confuses Thanksgiving with Easter

"We have to do it before we have Easter," said Reid speaking of the defense authorization bill, which is one of several pieces of legislation currently in line for floor action.

"I am sorry — Easter — Thanksgiving," said Reid, correcting himself with a smile.  "So I hope everyone understands, I know everyone wants to get home before Thanksgiving, we all do, but we have an obligation here."

A few minutes later, his Democratic colleague, Sen. Chris Coons (D-Del.), mixed up his home state stating he was from Florida rather than Delaware. 

"Senator Rubio and I have come to the floor today to talk about our shared experience. In my home state of Florida over the one year that I have been a senator and over the years before when I served in county government, I heard from hundreds even thousands of individuals looking for work." 

Coons, who was in a colloquy with Sen. Marco Rubio (R.), who is from Florida, did not correct himself.

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