"Recent reports of rental truck safety violations are revealing and alarming. … Most recently, a fatal accident in Connecticut has raised serious concerns about safety and reliability of rental trucks,'' Blumenthal wrote, as reported by the Hartford, Conn., Courant on Monday.

"Although no conclusions are possible at this point as to the cause of this tragic accident, it squarely raises the issue of rental truck safety and scrutiny generally, which I now request your involvement in addressing,'' he wrote. "I ask for your assistance and independent analysis as I consider legislation or other steps necessary to eliminate any gaps in present safety standards and oversight — and in the Department of Transportation's authority to set such standards and impose oversight.”

A woman was killed and two individuals severely injured when a U-Haul truck carrying kegs of beer accelerated into their tailgating party. The 21-year-old student driving the vehicle passed a field sobriety test after the incident and has since argued the crash was the result of a mechanical failure.