Aside from this right, Landrieu's bill would also require all airlines to give passengers a seat, drinkable water, and access to a bathroom.

"When an airline advertises a flight, that is how much it should cost, plain and simple," she said. "Passengers should not be charged additional fees for checked or carry-on baggage, drinkable water or other reasonable requests. Air travel can be a stressful experience for many reasons, but unfair fees for basic amenities should not be one of them."

In addition to her BASICS bill, S. 1913, Landrieu on Tuesday also introduced a bill that would require the federal government to issue regulations that impose a fee on airlines that charge for the first checked bag and the first carry-on bag. Under that bill, S. 1918, airlines could be charged a $2 fee per passenger; it would cap total industry fees in a given year at $260 million.