"Get this pipeline going now, Mr. President, or get out of the way,” he said. 

The minority leader characterized the $7 billion pipeline that would carry Alberta crude across the United States to gulf coast refineries as the biggest “shovel-ready” project available and promised it would create thousands of jobs.

“We think the people who want to start hiring deserve action, or a straightforward explanation from the president himself as to why he opposes it,” said McConnell.

McConnell along with Sens. Richard Lugar (R-Ind.), and John HoevenJohn Henry HoevenLobbying World Worried GOP views Trump trade war with angst Conservatives fear trade war could cripple tax cuts message MORE, (R-N.D) issued legislation on Wednesday that would force the White House to approve the pipeline within 60 days or offer a detailed explanation on the delay.

The White House was expected approve the international pipeline via the State Department this year but fierce opposition from environmental activists who argued it could lead to dangerous oil spills caused President Obama to announce he would postpone his decision until after the election.