That comment drew a statement from the Chamber of Commerce’s' diversity program, Mosaic, distancing themselves from the senator's speech.

Inhofe's comments, "did not reflect the chamber's view on diversity and inclusion," said the statement released by Mosaic. 

A spokesman for a local LGBT advocacy group, Oklahomans for Equality, also accused the senior senator from Oklahoma of equating the two acts order to "goad and insult" homosexuals in the armed services. 

"Automatically it looked like he was linking homosexuality to bestiality," said Toby Jenkins who is the executive editor of that group, according to KMRG.

Inhofe, however, defended his comments claiming he was merely addressing Oklahomans' questions on the Defense Authorization bill which he helped write as the second ranking member of the Senate Armed Services Committee.

"They were saying, how could you vote for a bill that repealed the prohibition against sodomy and bestiality, and I said, well, that wasn't the case," clarified Inhofe in radio interview. "I explained that was covered under a different section."

Upon further review, the Chamber of Commerce walked back from its criticism of Inhofe on Tuesday, agreeing that the remarks were merely an attempt to "clarify a legislative matter."