Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Con.) demanded that General Motors (GM) explain why it decided to stop the sales of some Chevrolet Cruzes.

“I call on GM to immediately inform Cruze drivers of the specific reason — likely safety-related — that prompted the company to stop sales,” Blumenthal said Saturday. “Talk truth to your customers, who put their faith in your products."

Blumenthal said GM announced the decision to halt the sales of certain Cruzes over the weekend. 

He has been an outspoken critic of the company since it failed to report faulty ignition switches in some of its cars, which Blumenthal has said resulted in several deaths.

“A failure to tell car drivers of any safety defect would be unconscionable — putting them at needless risk,” Blumenthal said. “Stopping sales without revealing the reason is incomprehensible and reflects a continuing practice of concealment, and avoidance of accountability.

“Particularly after its lengthy, tragic, inexcusable failure to disclose dangerously faulty ignition switches, GM should do the right thing — now.”

Blumenthal’s comments come as the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee is set to hold a hearing this week on GM’s recall of more than 1 million cars.