"President Obama's reelection [is a] campaign on a 'soak the rich' platform," said Kyl from the Senate floor. "He argues that income inequality and economic fairness are two of the defining issues of our time. In his narrative, a more prosperous and fair society requires more balance." 

"Unfortunately, I think, for the president, polls suggest that Americans aren't lining up behind this politics of resentment," said Kyl, who is planning to retire at the end of this year. "[D]espite the class warfare rhetoric they hear on a daily basis, most Americans instinctively understand that adopting pro-growth policies to boost mobility is wiser than adopting antigrowth policies to curb inequality. ... While President Obama pays lip service to economic growth on the campaign trail, many of his policies have undermined that goal." 

In Obama's State of the Union address, to the nation delivered on Tuesday, he presented a case for an economy rooted in "fairness."

"The defining issue of our time is how to keep that promise alive," he said of the American dream. "No challenge is more urgent. No debate is more important."

Monday was not the first time Kyl has leveled criticism at the president's campaign for reelection. Back in June of 2011 Kyl told CBS that the Obama was already putting his reelection above the economy.

"The single most important thing to [him] is extending this beyond his reelection campaign," said Kyl.