The House keeps talking about bills they have passed that would create jobs, Reid said from the Senate floor. Everyone, every pundit that looks at those knows it’s just a subterfuge.

They want to cut regulation [and] make people sicker. [Such cuts] would make our air dirtier, our water less pure and our food less safe. That’s what they are doing to create jobs.

Many of the jobs bills GOP leadership has pushed through the House during the 112th Congress so far have focused on rolling back regulations put in place or by federal agencies — especially the Environmental Protection Agency.

Reid also vented for the second day in a row over the gridlock in the amendment process on the pending STOCK Act in the Senate. Republicans, he said, had brought the process to a grinding halt by demanding votes on amendments that are not germane to the underlying bill. 

The minority needs to make a decision on whether they want to legislate or have morning business all day and have people give speeches on topics that have nothing to do with the legislation, Reid said.