Sen. Pat Toomey (R-Pa.) has introduced a bill that would allow veterans to sue Department of Veterans Affairs employees who have falsified medical records.

Toomey said his measure would be a means of holding the VA accountable to veterans who have not received adequate healthcare.

"The men and women who served in uniform should be first in line for the best quality medical care in the world," Toomey said.

Under Toomey's proposal, veterans would be entitled to sue for copies of all VA communications, such as emails and memos, on how employees maintained secret waiting lists.

Veterans or their next of kin would be eligible to collect compensation from the VA for any damage caused by delayed medical treatment. The damages would be paid for with the responsible VA employees' personal funds.

The chairmen of the House and Senate Veterans' Affairs Committees are in the midst of negotiating legislation to overhaul the VA. However, access to healthcare and accountability for the department remain "stumbling blocks" for a compromise, according to House Veterans' Affairs Committee Chairman Jeff Miller (R-Fla.).