Sen. Chris MurphyChris MurphyChris Murphy on Infowars' White House press credentials: 'I want to throw up' Dem senator: Trump's arms deal with Saudis a 'terrible idea' Senators told of broadening Russia investigation MORE (D-Conn.) said members of Congress were “accomplices” to the murder of children shot because of gun violence in schools.

“We are becoming accomplices to these murders of children,” Murphy said on the Senate floor Tuesday. “When we do nothing, we send a message of acceptance.

“We could send a message of enough is enough.” [WATCH VIDEO]

Murphy’s comments came the same day a shooting at a high school in Troutdale, Oregon left a student and the gunman dead.

Murphy said there have been 37 school shooting in 2014 alone — more than one a week — and 74 since the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Conn., that left 20 first-graders dead.

Murphy has been calling on Congress to pass any gun control measures including universal background checks since the Sandy Hook massacre.

The Senate tried to pass legislation last year, but a bipartisan deal fell apart after the National Rifle Association (NRA) lobbied against it.