Senate votes 55-43 to confirm Kadzik

The Senate voted 55-43 to confirm Peter Kadzik as assistant Attorney General at the Department of Justice.

Sen. Chuck GrassleyChuck GrassleyReport: Investor visa program mainly funds wealthy areas Cotton not ruling out 2020 White House bid Ben Stein revives ‘Ferris Bueller’ role for Grassley ad MORE (R-Iowa) said he opposed Kadzik's nomination partially because of the controversial prisoner exchange.

“I’m sick and tried of the approach that this administration takes in following the law,” Grassley said ahead of the vote.

Grassley said the recent prisoner swap of five Taliban leaders held at Guantanamo for U.S. soldier Bowe Bergdahl “exemplifies this administration’s contempt for congressional oversight.”

The White House was suppose to get congressional approval before making the exchange with the Taliban, which was holding Bergdahl prisoner. But the administration failed to do so, ruffling many feathers on Capitol Hill.

Kadzik has been nominated to serve as assistant Attorney General for legislative affairs within the DOJ. He is currently serving in that role as active assistant AG. Grassley said Kaszik has an “abysmal” record of answering Congress’ questions — a major function of his job.

“Mr. Kadzik is simply not interested in answering Congress’ questions unless he’s forced to or it’s absolutely necessary,” Grassley said. “This office needs leadership that will restore its credibility. … He does not have what it takes to restore that sorely needed credibility.”

Earlier Tuesday, the Senate voted 54-43, along party lines, to advance his nomination. Last year, Senate Democrats unilaterally changed filibuster rules in order to allow a simple majority to end debate on most nominees — previously 60 votes were needed.