“The administration, rather than side with millions of religious Americans who just want to be left alone to practice their faith, decided to throw in with the most radical of pro-abortion advocates,” said Hatch, speaking form the floor. “They decided to subordinate our central constitutional commitment to religious liberty to a radical agenda that is overtly hostile to these people of faith.”

On Friday the Department of Health and Human Services handed down the decision, sending shockwaves through religious circles that oppose the use of contraceptives. The rule exempts places of worship from providing such healthcare plans but does not make an exception for organizations like hospitals that are affiliated with religious institutions. 

Hatch went on to give his tacit approval of some religious groups that have determined to violate the rule if it is not repealed. 

“At church this weekend, millions of American Catholics were read a letter from their bishops,” said Hatch. “The message was simple and powerful. This action is unjust, and one with which they will not comply. They are right, and they shouldn’t.”

Hatch, who is up for reelection later this year, went on to a level a broader attack at the administration, suggesting Obama cares more about his political fortunes then he does about the rule of constitutional law. 

"In this this administration, politics trumps absolutely everything else, even the Constitution and religious liberty," said Hatch. "Instead of conforming their political agenda to the Constitution, they distort the Constitution and even liberty itself to conform to their political agenda."