Obama an 'extreme liberal' who doesn't think we need the military, says Sen. Inhofe

“He is an extreme liberal,” said Inhofe, speaking on Aaron Klein investigative radio, as originally reported by the conservative website World Net Daily. “Let’s face it. And this is going to sound maybe a little hysterical, but someone who really is an extreme liberal doesn’t think we need a military anyway.”

Inhofe, a senior member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, is the self-proclaimed most conservative member of the Senate, and often blasts Obama for his plans to slash $487 billion from the military's budget over the next decade. 

“They think if all countries will stand in a circle and hold hands and unilaterally disarm the threats will go away," said Inhofe, speaking of liberals. "That’s what we’ve got for a president.

“Now we see he is cutting a half a trillion dollars out of our military over 10 years and he has agreed to sequestration, which is another half-trillion ... He is disarming America.”

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