“If we did the basics of producing a budget, we wouldn't be here talking today about sequestration,” Ayotte said to a small group of employees at BAE, the largest defense employer in New Hampshire.

Ayotte, a freshman, serves on the Senate Armed Services Committee, and has frequently taken to the Senate floor to oppose the planned $600 billion in cuts, which came about because of the supercommittee’s inability to reach an agreement about how to comply with the summer’s Budget Control Act. 

“To me we need to do the basics in Washington," she continued, as reported by the Manchester, N.H., Union Leader on Thursday. "Let's put together a responsible budget for our country and address our debt, but let's not do it at the risk of our national security."

Ayotte also pledged to do everything in her power to prevent sequestration from taking place.

“Make no mistake,” Ayotte said, “these are jobs of people, great jobs here in New Hampshire, and I am not going to let this happen.”