The House will vote on a measure providing $659 million to address the surge of child migrants crossing the border.

The bill provides far less than the Obama administration's original $3.7 billion request and institute several policy modifications, including a change to the 2008 trafficking law so that unaccompanied minors can be deported faster.

House Democrats are whipping against the bill. Few, if any, are expected to join Republicans in supporting the bill. But even the vote count among Republicans appears fragile.

The House may also send back its version of a measure to replenish the Highway Trust Fund to the Senate in a display of legislative ping-pong before leaving for the August recess. 

Under the House bill, the Highway Trust Fund would remain solvent through May 2015. The measure passed by the Senate earlier this week would only last through December.

The Senate starts at 9:30 a.m., but no votes are currently scheduled.

Leaders are working out a deal to hold votes in the afternoon on a $17 billion overhaul of the troubled Veterans Affairs Department. The House passed the same bill on Wednesday.

The Senate will also need to pass the House's highway bill before leaving for the August recess. The Highway Trust Fund will run out of funds before Congress returns in September without action.