Sen. Isakson accuses Reid of 'failure of leadership'

In the interview published on the conservative news site NewsMax, Isakson suggested Reid was guilty of a “failure of leadership”  for delaying important or politically sensitive votes until after the November elections. 

“We have all these temporary stopgap procedures that are going on to push decisions off until after the election,” Isakson said in the interview.

Isakson pointed out that that leaders in the Republican-led House have passed a number of bills they say would create jobs, but that Reid has refused to bring them to the the Senate floor for consideration. 

“The House of Representatives has passed a plethora of pro-jobs, pro-economic-growth bills that Harry Reid won’t even let come to the floor of the Senate," he said.

So far this year the Senate has only managed to pass out one significant piece of legislation — the Federal Aviation Administration's authorization bill.

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