"The issue of human rights continues to be a central one around the world and one of the places where I think the American example can make the biggest difference," said Rubio. 

“Sadly there are no shortages of places around the world where those fundamental rights are violated and I think that no nation on this planet has a larger obligation to speak out against it than ours,” he continued.  

The junior senator from Florida, who name has recently been tossed around as a possible vice presidential candidate on the GOP ticket, went on to slam Russia and China for their human rights records and especially their refusal to condemn the documented atrocities committed by the Bashar Assad regime in Syria.

“At least two countries, Russia and China, have taken the position that it is nobody's business,” he said. 

“Are we prepared to retreat from he world stage and in fact allow nations like that to play a growing role in the world?" he asked. "I hope not. “