"Americans see the Democrats' response to high gas prices… to make them even worse," said McConnell speaking from the Senate floor. "That’s the Democrats' response to high gas prices. To make them even worse.

"They [Americans] are starting to wonder if that might be the Democrats slogan, 'vote for us and will make things worse because whether jobs or debt or spending or gas prices that’s their democratic record,” continued the minority leader.

McConnell on Monday argued against the legislation which would eliminate a number of oil-industry tax deductions for major integrated oil companies, and use the money to give tax breaks in the renewable energy industry.

"Raising taxes on American energy producers is something common sense and basic economics tells us will lead us to even higher prices at the pump," he said. 

Regardless of his opposition, however, McConnell indicated earlier in the day and in remarks on the floor that he and at least some of his Republican collegues plan to vote later on Monday to allow the legislation to the Senate floor because "it is a debate the country deserves."