In the letter, Blunt reiterated his frustration with a situation in 2010, in which more than 1,800 veterans who had received dental service at VAMC were told they had been exposed to bacteria or viruses such as hepatitis B and C and HIV because the equipment was not properly cleaned.

"This shocking failure by the VA to provide our veterans with safe and adequate care rightly prompted demands for answers, and I joined other elected officials in calling for an immediate explanation and resolution regarding this disturbing situation," the letter said.

Blunt questioned differing accounts from the VA under secretary for health, Dr. Robert Petzel, who told him last month at a committee hearing that the situation had gotten better, and a report released on April 5 by the VA Office of Inspector General (OIG) saying challenges still plague the hospital.

"At best, the discrepancy between Dr. Petzel's response and the information outlined in the VA OIG report less than one month later demonstrates a disturbing disconnect between the agency's leadership in Washington and its local staff," Blunt wrote. "At worst, this discrepancy was a blatant misrepresentation to the Senate Appropriations Committee regarding the reality on the ground."

Blunt said he hoped for a prompt response answering his questions on the implementation of recommendations, accountability at VAMC and current safeguarding measures.