Sen. Patty Murray (D-Wash.) expressed disappointment over allegations that a Republican member of the National Labor Relations Board committed ethics violations by sharing confidential information with outside parties. 

"I want to express my disappointment and anger at the recent report from the Inspector General about improper and politicized activities by a current Republican member of the NLRB board, an individual who previously worked for another board member who's a former staffer for a Republican member of the Senate," Murray said.

Murray said she hopes the issue would be "fully investigated." The case has been referred to the Department of Justice.

"That report detailed multiple instances of ethics misconduct including the sharing of confidential information with outside parties. I am hopeful that that issue will be fully investigated," Murray said. "I'm deeply worried about the actions some people will take to undermine an agency whose mission is to protect the rights of workers and employers and honestly I find it to be a sad statement about the nature of our politics today."

The NLRB report said that Terence Flynn, a member of the NLRB board, shared confidential information while serving as a counsel for the agency. Flynn has maintained innocence of any wrongdoing.

President Obama recess-appointed Flynn as a member of the NLRB in January, one in a series of appointments that have drawn legal challenges.