The five resolutions up on Wednesday are those on which both parties have agreed to call up and consider. But Democrats were already dismissing consideration of the GOP resolutions as political theater and "show votes," and were predicting that all would fail — an easy prediction given that Republicans are the minority party.

Details on the resolutions can be reviewed here.

The House faces a busy day when it meets at noon for legislative work, as it will start work on the National Defense Authorization act (NDAA) for 2013.

Members will start by debating and voting on a rule for the bill, H.R. 4310, that only covers general debate. A separate rule (which will be approved by the House Rules Committee on Wednesday) will govern debate and consideration of amendments, of which there are expected to be many — more than 200 were filed by Tuesday. Amendment debate and votes are expected Thursday.

The "debate rule" for the NDAA also governs debate on H.R. 4970, the Violence Against Women Reauthorization act. Under the rule, no amendments will be considered on this bill, which will anger Democrats who are seeking changes to this Republican proposal. Still, passage of this bill is expected by Wednesday.

Also up in the House is H.R. 5740, which would extend the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) for one month, through June 2012. The bill includes steps toward reform of the NFIP that members of both parties support, but that the Senate has failed to consider.

Finally, the House may vote on a few lingering suspension bills that were debated Tuesday:

H.R. 4119 - the Border Tunnel Prevention act of 2012,

H.R. 2621 - the Chimney Rock National Monument Establishment act,

H.R. 2745 - to amend the Mesquite Lands Act of 1986 to facilitate implementation of a multi-species habitat conservation plan for the Virgin River in Clark County, Nevada, and,

H.Res. 568 - Expressing the sense of the House of Representatives regarding the importance of preventing the Government of Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapons capability.