The Pennsylvania Department of Health said Lyme disease is currently the fourth most common infection reported in the state.

"Lyme disease is a threat in every corner of Pennsylvania, and residents need to know that the CDC is doing everything in its power to tackle the increase in tick population the warm weather has caused," Casey said. "Ticks transmit a host of other illnesses in addition to Lyme disease, so it is essential that Pennsylvanians are taking precautions to protect themselves and their families this summer."

Lyme disease commonly goes undiagnosed at first because the symptoms often present themselves as other diseases. The whole Northeast has seen an influx in cases this year.

Last month, JPMorgan Chase blamed its multibillion-dollar trading loss on the undiagnosed Lyme disease of Ina Drew, who was in charge of investments for the bank. The company said because she was frequently out of the office due to fatigue, the investment office was allowed to make riskier bets.