Stabenow pointed out that the livestock disaster assistance program expired last year and that the Senate version of the farm bill makes the program permanent and available to people this year.

The House has passed its version of the farm bill out of committee but leadership has not yet allowed a floor vote on it.

“There are things we need to work out in conference committee,” Stabenow said. “Our bill has more reforms in it and we certainly are concerned about the nutrition cuts [in the House version], but I would say this: we need the House to pass their farm bill so that we can come together in a conference committee and find the right balance.

“I’m very confident that we can do that, but we need the House to act in order to make that happen.”

“This drought underscores the need for risk management tools, better crop insurance, and it underscores the need for a farm bill,” Stabenow said. “We need to get a farm bill done now more than ever.”