The House is scheduled to vote on that plan and a Republican one to extend the Bush tax rates for all income levels this week.

“The two approaches show glaring differences,” Reid said on the floor Monday. “The Democrats’ is only one with chance of becoming law.”

Reid said the House would be wasting time voting to extend the rates for all income levels because it didn’t pass the Senate last week and President Obama has said he wouldn’t sign that into law again.

“It’s simply a waste of time for House Republicans to hold a vote on the middle-class tax hike,” Reid said.

Reid also said that he is still working on an agreement on amendments for the Cybersecurity Act, which is scheduled for a vote later this week.

At 5:30 p.m. Monday the Senate will vote on a motion to proceed to the judicial nomination of Robert Bacharach to be a U.S. circuit judge for the Tenth Circuit court. Reid said he hopes Republicans don’t block the nomination, as they’ve threatened to do.