On a trip to Israel last week, the GOP presidential candidate said he’d do the complete opposite as Obama in dealing with Israeli-U.S. relations.

Lautenberg said it “pains” him to see a political trip with a goal of scaring Israelis that Obama is not doing what’s best for them. He also said Republicans has misconstrued facts about the relationship.

“When you hear Republicans and Mitt Romney talk about our relationship with Israel, reality is often replaced with distortion,” Lautenberg said. “The bottom line is this, these aren’t simple problems and it will take real leadership to solve them ... but instead of approaching these issues with the careful consideration they deserve, Republicans dangerously distort reality.”

Lautenberg said if Romney really means he would do the opposite of Obama then Romney must want to reduce aid and weaken Israeli defense against its enemies. 

“Just few days ago, Obama signed a bill strengthening defense for Israel,” Lautenberg said. “If we’re to believe Mitt Romney, he would have weakened aid and defenses for Israel.”

Last week Obama signed a bill into law that could increase U.S. military aid for Israel. 

Lautenberg said Republican comments that Obama is weak in his support for Israel would encourage Israel’s enemies to harm the country.