McConnell proposed that shortly after the Senate returns in September that a vote be held to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Reid objected.

“Let’s have a vote,” McConnell said. “Is ObamaCare making things better or worse, let’s show the American people what they want — it’s a vote they deserve.”

Reid pointed out that the Senate rejected a Republican amendment on that very thing when the transportation bill passed in March. He also brought up that the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that the law is Constitutional.

“One vote we should focus on, it was a 5-4 vote that upheld that bill, but I guess [Republicans] didn’t get that news.”

Reid suggested that time would be better spent on votes that would help create jobs. 

“We need to move on,” Reid said. “They need to catch up that we need to create jobs.”

Reid said because Republicans continue to insist on amendment votes on repealing the Affordable Care Act, job creation bills, such as the Small Business Act and Bring Jobs Home Act, have died in the Senate. Earlier this week McConnell requested another amendment vote on a repeal of the healthcare law as part of the Cybersecurity Act, which failed Thursday.