McConnell spoke just one day after news broke that President Obama would not agree to a meeting with Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, but would be meeting with Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi next week. McConnell did not mention that controversy in his floor remarks, but stressed that the United States needs to show it fully supports Israel.

"Now is the moment to send a signal to long-standing allies like Israel that they can rely on our support," he said. McConnell also added that the United States must also continue to defend its beliefs in the region.

"This is a gravely serious moment," he said. "But America does not shrink from the defense of its core values or its interests overseas. We must project strength.

"The unrest in the Middle East, in Libya, Egypt and especially the Sinai, Yemen and Syria, present a profound and formidable challenge to our efforts."

He said failing to project strength could allow enemies of the United States to see it as weak.

"None of our nation's enemies, al Qaeda, other violent extremists, Hezbollah, and especially Iran, should view this as a window of American vulnerability."