Durbin was referring to remarks Romney made in Florida that were released in a video this week, in which Romney said 47 percent of voters believe they are victims who are entitled to government help. He said his "job is not to worry about those people."

Democrats have been reacting to those comments all week. Durbin said on the Senate floor that he believes they reveal how Romney sees America.

"I think there is more truth than not in what he says when it comes to his point of view of this country," Durbin said. "This was a revelation into his values and his view of America, but it also tells us that he doesn't understand this country and the people who live in it."

Durbin also argued that right now, voters cannot trust Romney based on his tax information because the GOP candidate has released so little of it. 

In that way, Durbin said, Romney has failed to live up to the "gold standard" set by his father's presidential campaign decades ago. George Romney, a former governor of Michigan, released 12 years of tax information when he ran for president in the 1968 campaign.

"The son didn't learn from the father," Durbin said.

In addition, Durbin said businesspeople he has talked to agree that Romney's offshore accounts can only be explained as an effort to conceal his wealth or avoid tax liability.

"Why do you have those? To avoid tax liability in the United States," Durbin charged.