Reid says no continuing resolution vote without a vote on sportsman bill

The proposal was to hold three votes. The first vote would be on Sen. Rand Paul’s (R-Ky.) bill to end foreign aid to Pakistan, Egypt and Libya. After that vote, they’d then take up S.J.Res. 41, a containment resolution against Iran. The final vote would be on H.J.Res. 117, which funds the government for another six months. The House passed spending resolution last week.

Reid objected saying he wants to also have a vote on Sen. Jon Tester’s (D-Mont.) bipartisan bill, the Sportsman Act.

“We’re not going to separate the two,” Reid said. “We’re going to have the vote on the continuing resolution and then on the Sportsman Act.”

Reid said the Senate could have all of those votes tomorrow morning if Republicans agree, or if they don’t votes will be held through the weekend. He added that there shouldn’t be any reason for a fight on the sportsman bill.

Tester said his bill would open up some federal land to hunters and fishers while also supporting conservation efforts.

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