Schumer is also asking the DOT to issue nation-wide standards for GPS devices in order to ensure that trucks no longer rely exclusively on GPS units that are not programmed with information that could lead them into dangerous situations.  

“These accidents are frequent, costly, dangerous and entirely avoidable,” Schumer said Monday. “All the information we need to prevent these accidents is available, all we have to do is make sure it gets into the hands of the truck. If we have the technology to send a truck to Mars, we have the technology to prevent trucks from crashing into bridges here in Long Island.”

Schumer said new standards on GPS devices would reduce the cost imposed on taxpayers and prevent any deadly accidents from occurring. He cited a study that found 80 percent of bridge strikes were caused by misused GPS devices.

Schumer sent a letter to DOT Secretary Ray LaHood, requesting action.

“I again urge you to use your authority under existing federal safety laws and the available resources at the Department’s disposal to investigate this matter and issue a set of recommended federal standards to address the problem,” Schumer wrote.