“Across Pennsylvania there are veterans who put everything on the line for our country, and they deserve to be recognized for the sacrifices they’ve made,” Casey said in a statement. “The Army did the right thing by awarding our 9/11 vets these medals, but there still remains a generation of medical personnel that served in Vietnam and the Korean War that have yet to have their service recognized.”

The Combat Medic Badge is an Army award for medics who served under enemy fire in active combat and performed their medical duties. Casey said the Army should immediately expand the awarding of the badge so that veterans who began serving in the Korean War and forward can receive them.

“I requested that the Army change the eligibility dates for awarding the Combat Medic Badge (CMB) for medical personnel, who were assigned, attached or under the operational control of combat aviation units retroactive to the start of the Korean War,” the letter stated.

In the letter, Casey said a constituent, who served in Vietnam as a medic, contacted his office and said his courage should be rewarded just as those serving today.

“This is just one example of the quiet heroism and extraordinary service by these medics during Vietnam and Korea,” Casey wrote. “It is time we recognized their valor in battle and unique service to this country.”