Sensata manufactures and sells sensor controls for car companies, such as Ford. The Freeport Journal-Standard reported that Durbin was there to speak about the Bring Jobs Home Act, S. 3364, which Senate Republicans filibustered this summer. The bill would have prevented businesses shipping jobs overseas, such as Sensata, from receiving tax breaks.

“This should not be the future of manufacturing jobs in the United States,” Durbin said, according to the local paper. “We can do better.

“All they ask for is a chance. The same chance my parents had, the same chance I want for my kids, for the American Dream. ... That’s all they were looking for and instead what we have are people making decisions at the highest levels of corporate America which are endangering the opportunity to create jobs and keep jobs right here in this country. Sensata is case No 1. It tells the story clearly.”

The protesters have made national news, showing up at the Republican National Convention in August. Workers complained that they’ve been forced to train their Chinese replacements, who were flown to Illinois for training by the company, which employees 170 people at the Freeport plant.

“What’s at stake here is the future of towns like Freeport, of states like Illinois, the future of this country,” Durbin said, according to the Journal-Standard. “I can’t thank the workers here enough … who wanted to make sure they did not go quietly, that they stood up and spoke out for who they are, for their own self-respect, and for the great job that they’ve done for Sensata over the years.”

On Saturday, former presidential candidate the Rev. Al Sharpton is scheduled to visit the “Bainport” encampment as well.

Democrats and President Obama’s reelection campaign have used Romney’s experience at Bain Capital against him, saying his claims of being a job creator are false and that he’s shipped more jobs overseas than brought to America.