“The men and women of our Armed Services deserve the very best medical treatment our country can provide,” Heller wrote. “Their sacrifices are the reason we have the freedoms we all enjoy today. That is why I am dismayed by recent news reports that TRICARE Prime will be cut for many of the military families and constituents I represent not only in Reno, but also throughout the northern part of the state.”

TRICARE is a healthcare coverage program that military service members and their families can enroll in after they’ve retired.

“Reports have indicated that the incoming contractor for the TRICARE West region, United Healthcare, does not plan on providing TRICARE Prime services,” the letter stated. “This action will cause more out-of-pocket expenses and longer drive times for many military families and veterans throughout Northern Nevada. I am very troubled by these changes and am concerned that these alterations are not being made in a transparent manner.”

TRICARE’s website says the reports that TRIwest coverage will end are false, but does say there maybe some changes starting next spring.

Heller demanded to be notified immediately of any changes made to the program.

“Active duty service members, guardsmen, retirees, reservists and their families rely on these benefits that they’ve earned,” Heller wrote. “If the Pentagon is moving to cut these benefits, I am requesting that you explain these changes without delay.”