“It is only right that students who came to this country as children are not held accountable for the wrongdoing of their parents,” Cardin said in a statement Wednesday. “In Maryland, they now will be allowed to continue their education with in-state tuition, putting a college degree within reach.”

Cardin said America’s immigration system is broken and that Congress should fix it by passing comprehensive immigration reform.

“Maryland has renewed hope that our system can be fair and compassionate while still respecting a legal and orderly process,” Cardin said. “I urge Congress to take up and pass the federal DREAM Act, extending these rights to innocent children nationwide.”

Washington state and Maryland both legalized gay marriage, something Cardin said he was proud of.

“I am especially proud that Maryland is re-writing the history books with passage of the first referendum for marriage equality,” Cardin said. “The Free State has again led the country by affirming that there is no place for discrimination in American society. It is time for Congress to make progress in repealing the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA).”

Maryland voters also reelected Cardin to the Senate Tuesday to serve another six years. He said he’s looking forward to dealing with the economic issues facing the country.

“We need to set partisanship aside to develop a balanced approach that considers reasonable cuts in spending with fair tax reform and invests in our future,” Cardin said. “We cannot leave our children a pile of crippling debt any more than we can leave them polluted air or contaminated water or deny them quality education. And, I will fight to ensure that no one, especially the middle class or federal employees, will bear this burden alone.”