On Tuesday, the Senate failed to pass a United Nations Convention for Persons With Disabilities, which would have given people with disabilities equal rights in countries that ratified the convention.

Reid blamed “Tea Party extremists” for the failure of the measure, which supporters said would help veterans traveling, studying and working abroad.

Reid reiterated his call for Speaker John BoehnerJohn BoehnerTrump aide: Boehner is the disaster Boehner: Tax reform is 'just a bunch of happy talk' Lobbying World MORE (R-Ohio) to hold a vote on the Senate-passed Middle Class Tax Cuts Act, which would extend the Bush-era tax break for income below $250,000 a year.

On Tuesday, House Democrats filed a discharge petition to force a vote on the middle-class tax cut. Republicans argue that raising taxes on any income level would harm small businesses and job growth.

Reid said only 26 Republicans are needed to pass the Middle Class Tax Cut Act, assuming all Democrats vote for the bill.

"I believe there are 26 reasonable Republicans who will put their constituents before their pledge to Grover Norquist," Reid said in reference to the anti-tax advocate. 

Lawmakers are working on a deficit-reduction plan to avoid the "fiscal cliff," which is set to take place at the beginning of next year when Bush-era tax rates expire and sequestration takes effect.