BoehnerJohn Andrew BoehnerFormer top Treasury official to head private equity group GOP strategist Steve Schmidt denounces party, will vote for Democrats Zeal, this time from the center MORE has received sharp criticism even from members of his own party for not addressing the supplemental bill before the new Congress starts. 

GOP Rep. Pete King (N.Y.) on Wednesday suggested the decision would cost Republicans seats in affected states. King also said he might not support Boehner for Speaker in a Thursday vote and said people in the Northeast should not donate to congressional Republicans until the Sandy issue was resolved.

“I am deeply disappointed that the House of Representatives has turned their backs on the people suffering,” Reid said, adding this voice to those critics. “That does not include Democratic Leader [Nancy] Pelosi or Leader [Steny] Hoyer ... it’s not who we should be as Americans, just to walk away from these people.”

If the House does not also pass a supplemental bill on Hurricane Sandy before the end of this Congress, then the Senate work will be for nothing. A new Congress starts tomorrow at noon, giving Boehner less than 24 hours to act. 

Boehner has said he would take up an emergency-spending bill early in the next Congress, and is expected to meet with lawmakers from New York and New Jersey on Wednesday.