"Two years ago, I applauded the President for recognizing that the volumes of regulations released by his administration were hurting job creation, stifling growth, and generally making life more difficult on hard working Americans," Robert said of Obama's 2011 Executive Order. "However, since that day, this promising executive order has received little more than lip service from this administration."

The bill would require the administration to review and modify or repeal regulations that are duplicative or have "significant economic impacts on Americans."

Roberts cited recent rules for implementing the health insurance exchanges as something that would have been affected by his bill, because they only allowed for a 30-day comment period over the holidays late last year.

He also said recent Environmental Protection Agency rules would also be affected, including those requiring people to get two permits before using pesticides, and rules for coal- and oil-fired electric utilities that he said cost billions of dollar each year.

His bill has 32 Republican co-sponsors in the Senate, including Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnellMitch McConnellPence breaks tie, allowing Senate to revoke Obama order on abortion provider funding Pence casts tiebreaking Senate procedural vote on funding for abortion providers What if there’s no 'Nuclear Option' in the Senate? MORE (R-Ky.).