“The plan is a giveaway for the special interests and the open borders lobby. This president will never dedicate himself to enforcing the law, and this plan offers only further proof of that,” Sessions said. “It is plain what is happening. The special interests are again in the White House, demanding and getting their favors granted, while American workers and the public interest are again locked out.”

A draft of Obama’s comprehensive immigration plan was leaked over the weekend. Sessions said Obama’s plan offers amnesty for those illegally in the country while promising to make immigration enforcement measures later — something that hasn’t worked in the past.

“The plan grants amnesty on day one while making hollow promises of future enforcement that will never occur,” Sessions said.

Sessions has also been critical of reforms offered earlier this year by a bipartisan group of eight senators.

“Unfortunately, the leaked plan is little different in its substance from the Gang of Eight plan, which is also unlikely to withstand scrutiny,” Sessions said. “Crucially, both plans confer legal status and work authorization on day one in exchange for promises of future enforcement on which this administration will never deliver.”