Senate votes to confirm Tenth Circuit Judge

“You cannot find a blemish on this man’s personal integrity,” Coburn said ahead of the vote Monday. “I’ve never met anybody who knew the Constitution and its limitations better than Judge Bacharach.

“This will be the first judge that I will have voted for that I have no doubt of his absolute fidelity to the Constitution.”

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick LeahyPatrick LeahyOvernight Tech: Obama signs FOIA reform bill | Musicians take YouTube fight to Europe | Feds probe first driverless car death Obama signs bill to expand access to federal records Dems leery of Planned Parenthood cuts spark Senate scuffle MORE (D-Vt.) said that last year’s GOP filibuster against Bacharach “diminished” the federal court system since Bacharach had bipartisan support out of committee.

“Because of this filibuster … the people of Oklahoma, Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming have been needlessly denied his services as a Tenth Circuit Judge for almost eight months,” Leahy said.

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