McConnell: Democrats’ budget would be ‘a disaster’

Murray’s budget includes a reconciliation of nearly $1 trillion in new tax revenue, but Republicans have said they are unwilling to raise taxes anymore this year.  

“I hope Democrats offer something serious tonight,” McConnell said. “I hope they face up to the fact that they already got the revenue they’re going to get, so that they can start dealing with the real issues that are leading us to fiscal ruin.”

Murray has said her budget takes a "balanced" approach by including both tax revenue and spending cuts.

Senate leaders highlighted the party divisions on budget issues Wednesday.

Senate Majority Leader Harry ReidHarry ReidSay NO to PROMESA, say NO to Washington overreach Overnight Finance: Wall Street awaits Brexit result | Clinton touts biz support | New threat to Puerto Rico bill? | Dodd, Frank hit back McConnell quashes Senate effort on guns MORE (D-Nev.) also continued his criticisms of House Budget Committee Chairman Paul RyanPaul RyanHouse Democrat sit-in: well intended but in the wrong well Trump up, Obama down after shocking Brexit vote Republican chairman: Our tax reform plan fits with Trump's vision MORE’s (R-Wis.) budget, which was released Tuesday. 

“This is the same budget plan we saw from Congressman Ryan last year and the year before that,” Reid said Wednesday. “Even the name is the same. If anything, this new version is even more extreme than the last two Ryan Republican budget proposals — proposals that sought to end the Medicare guarantee and raise taxes on middle class families all while handing out more tax breaks to the wealthy.”

Ryan’s budget calls for $5.7 trillion in spending cuts and would cut the top tax rate to 25 percent and balance the budget in 10 years.

Reid said Ryan’s plan “guts” programs for the middle class in order to give tax breaks to the wealthy.

“These drastic cuts will literally cost lives,” Reid said. “They will also cost jobs. Instead of a balanced approach that protects the American economy, the Ryan Republican budget guts education, medical research, infrastructure and public safety. The Ryan Republican plan would actually jeopardize the economic recovery.”

Reid wants to start floor work on Murray’s budget next week in order to pass it before the Easter recess.

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