Reid encourages Senate to wrap up before voting hits 'carnival stage'

"We're doing fine, we are not at the carnival stage yet," Reid said. "Let's proceed and try to finish this with a lot of dignity."

Immediately after Reid spoke, the Senate took up four additional amendments, from:

— Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.), to ensure funding to help Armed Services members find jobs by counting their military experience toward meeting certain technical qualifications. Passed voice vote.

— Ron Johnson (R-Wis.), to ensure the solvency of Social Security and Medicare by requiring budget resolutions to prepare for 75-year solvency of both programs. Failed 46-53.

— Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio), to ensure funding for a national manufacturing innovation program. Passed voice vote.

— Tim Scott (R-S.C.), to prohibit the use of taxpayer funds to automatically deduct union dues from federal worker salaries. Failed 43-56.

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