“Chairman Leahy effectively informed Committee members that he has every intention of moving on a rushed timetable that would make it impossible for lawmakers or the public to properly assess a bill of this magnitude,” Sessions said. “Specifically, it seems the Chairman is arguing we can put a bill on the floor two weeks after the Gang of Eight potentially produces legislation in early April.”

Sessions said he and other GOP members on the Judiciary Committee, asked Leahy to allow hearing on the immigration bill, but that Leahy suggested there was no need since the committee has held several hearings on immigration issues. 

“The Chairman’s suggestion that we don’t need hearings on this new proposal because we have held immigration hearings in the past misses the entire point: the massive proposal being cobbled together by a group of senators in secret must be independently judged and reviewed by the Judiciary Committee in the full light of day,” Sessions said. “That will take months — not two weeks — and will require hearings on every aspect of this issue …”

The bipartisan group hasn't finished drafting the legislation, but Sessions said that no senator should be fine with “ramming through” a thousand-page bill that affects taxes, wages and border security issues.

Sessions has complained that the immigration reform bill could include amnesty measures that would then cost taxpayers money if former illegal immigrants were granted federal benefits such as Medicaid.