“Our nation’s service members learn and specialize in critical skills while on active duty that more than prepare them for a wide range of employment in the civilian workforce,” Kaine said. “Aside from their technical talent, the leadership, integrity and decision-making skills of our troops is simply too valuable to let fall through the cracks.”

Kaine pointed out that unemployment levels for Iraq and Afghanistan veterans have risen to 9.4 percent — higher than the national average.

“Too often, these service members and veterans face unnecessary hurdles in acquiring the formal certifications, licenses or education they need to perform the same duties outside of the military,” Kaine said. “And with the veteran unemployment rate higher among recent Iraq and Afghanistan veterans than the national average, we owe it to them to do everything we can to match their skills with the jobs employers are ready to hire them for.”

Kaine’s bill would give service members more information about how to earn a civilian credential to match their military training, direct the Department of Veterans Affairs to oversee the credential process and expand current credentialing programs to include information technology training.