After sequestration went into effect, military branches announced they’d suspend tuition assistance for the remainder of fiscal 2013, stopping new students from enrolling.

Inhofe and Hagan added an amendment to the 2013 stopgap funding resolution that required all military departments to restore tuition assistance program funding. Congress approved the measure, and the president signed it into law last month. 

Hagan and Inhofe said that they’ve heard reports that some service members are still unable to access tuition benefits. The senators argue that the tuition assistance program is a necessary recruiting and retention tool.

“Tuition assistance is an important recruitment and retention tool, which also significantly contributes to our service members’ morale. As an all-volunteer force, during a period of prolonged conflict, effective recruitment, retention and morale initiatives are essential to attracting and retaining professional personnel,” Inhofe and Hagan wrote. “Over sixty percent of our service members state the increased ability to pursue higher education was an important factor in deciding to join the military.”