Reid said that a “balanced approach” that includes new revenue should be considered to replace the $85 billion in automatic spending cuts.

Reid said that government cuts have resulted in longer airport security lines, fewer Meals on Wheels deliveries, closure of food banks, fewer children in Head Start, reduced Medicare payments for cancer treatment and furloughs for government workers.

“For months Republicans promised the impacts of the sequester’s arbitrary cuts would be minimal,” Reid said on he Senate floor Wednesday. “Now it’s April and contrary to Republican promises, Americans in communities from coast to coast, in red states and blue states, are starting to feel the pinch of these across-the-board cuts.

“Now maybe my Republican friends don’t feel this but I guarantee that these people at the airports feel it.”

Later Wednesday, President Obama will release his 2014 budget, which is expected to replace the sequester with alternative spending cuts and new revenue. Senate Democrats passed their own budget last month that did the same thing.