McConnell said the administration talks a lot about jobs, but hasn’t done enough to reduce unemployment and underemployment within the United States.

“Because so many Americans have stopped looking for work altogether, we now have the lowest labor-force participation rate since Jimmy Carter,” McConnell said. “That’s the Obama economy.”

Last month’s job report showed that the unemployment rate actually went down to 7.5 percent.

McConnell said Obama should instead use the event in Texas to tell women how ObamaCare — the Affordable Care Act — will increase their healthcare costs.

“The president should rethink the purpose of this event,” McConnell said. “I hope he will use it instead as a platform to prepare women for the actual consequences many of them will soon face under ObamaCare.”

Republicans have said the healthcare law will cause premium rates to rise, but Democrats point out that preventive care coverage has improved for women.