On a day in which several scandals continued to divide Republicans and Democrats, McConnell asked Reid to give Harper's family his best wishes.

"When you speak to his mother, remind her this is one thing that leaders on both sides truly agree on," McConnell said. "We are hoping Harper has a speedy recovery and is back in the lineup."

During a game against the Los Angeles Angels Monday night, Harper chased a fly ball into the outfield, and seemed unaware that he was so close to the wall. He turned into it, hit it, and then fell to the ground — he needed 11 stitches and was taken out of the game.

Harper is from Reid's home state of Nevada and is a player that both Reid and McConnell discuss often.

"The Republican leader and I just spent a minute commiserating on the fact that we follow, both of us very closely, the Washington Nationals," Reid said on the floor.

"And we talk often about how they fare on any given day. And we talk about the Las Vegas young man, Bryce Harper, often, because he's really a phenomenon in baseball."

Reid noted that Nationals Manager Davey Johnson said he doesn't want Harper to alter his aggressive style of play. But Reid did offer one piece of advice to the team.

"I think he'll have to watch those walls a little in the future," Reid said.