Last week, the IRS admitted that officials in Ohio had targeted conservative groups seeking tax-exempt status, with higher scrutiny. Many groups were singled out for having the words "Tea Party" or "patriot" in their name.

As a result, President Obama asked the IRS Commissioner Steven Miller to resign last night.

“Last night, the president took an important symbolic step in accepting the resignation of acting IRS Commissioner Miller,” McConnell said. “But let’s be clear: this symbolic step was just that, symbolic.”

McConnell said Americans deserve answers, especially since new developments continue to emerge. He cited a case where the National Organization for Marriage claimed its donor information was leaked by the IRS.

“So here’s another situation that, at the very least, clearly merits investigation,” McConnell said. “There are allegations here that someone at the IRS committed a very serious crime that had the effect of chilling the speech of a political organization that happened to be on the wrong side of the current administration.”

McConnell said lawmakers have been seeking answers about this situation for years, but still have not received a response.

“Apparently, this is the only way to get this administration to take responsibility for its actions,” McConnell said. “Well, we’re determined to do that, because this is a very dangerous precedent being set here.”

The Obama administration has said it would cooperate with congressional investigations, which will start next week.