Sessions serves on the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee where Republicans walked out of Gina McCarthyRegina (Gina) McCarthyOvernight Regulation: Dems go on attack during EPA chief's hearing | Mnuchin promises more Russia sanctions | Regulators subpoena major bitcoin exchange | New lawsuit over FDA e-cig rule Overnight Energy: Dems go on attack at EPA chief's hearing | Pruitt backs national fuel standard | Bill Nye sparks controversy with State of the Union plans | Greens sue over wolf protections Dems go on the attack during EPA chief's hearing MORE's nomination hearing in order to delay her confirmation vote. Her nomination was advanced last Thursday on a 10-8 party-line vote.

“I believe she is a good person and her assurance that EPA would become more responsive under her management has been encouraging,” Sessions said. “However, neither Ms. McCarthy nor the agency she would like to lead has been responsive to many of the reasonable requests of Senators tasked with advising and consenting to this nomination.”

Democrats accused Republicans of using another stall tactic to delay Obama’s nominee by submitting more than 1,000 questions for McCarthy to answer before the confirmation hearing. Sessions said he submitted questions on wasted funds and climate change assertions but McCarthy did not adequately answer them.

“She has persisted in EPA’s stonewalling of my request for information about taxpayer funds wasted on an unnecessary reconsideration of the ozone standard — a request I have waited almost two years to be answered,” Sessions said. “In addition, she did not answer my questions about EPA’s sue and settle tactics, and she has refused to provide EPA’s analysis concerning the president’s faulty assertion that global temperatures are increasing more than was predicted a decade ago.”

If Sessions or another GOP senator impose a filibuster on McCarthy’s nomination, Democrats would need to get 60 votes to break the gridlock.