Sens. John HoevenJohn Henry HoevenLobbying World Worried GOP views Trump trade war with angst Conservatives fear trade war could cripple tax cuts message MORE (R-N.D.) and Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) introduced the resolution earlier this month.

S.Res. 154 expresses the support of the U.S. Senate to hold fair and free election in Iran and condemns the political abuses of the Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei.

When introducing the resolution, Hoeven said it was necessary because the Supreme Leader handpicks the candidates on the ballot, prohibiting the Iranian people from being able to hold their leaders accountable through elections.

“The Supreme Leader of Iran believes in the power of elections as well, but he doesn’t respect them,” Hoeven said. “He makes sure that a truly fair election is not available ... selecting which candidates are permitted for running for office.

“Apparently the Supreme Leader believes there is too much at risk to allow anyone but a hand-picked candidate to prevail.”

Blumenthal said that the consequences of Iranian elections are important to the United States and the world because the Iranian regime is not looking out for its people’s best interest by trying to obtain a nuclear weapon.